Bayview Composites sponsors the team with composites tooling!

Bayview Composites, a tooling company based in Seattle specializing in large-scale wind-energy, marine, and aerospace tooling, delivered today the molds for our next solar car! Many thanks to Rock, Jeff, Jared, and the entire team at Bayview for their incredible contribution to the team!

They arrived on a truck this morning, and were unloaded by forklift. Many thanks to our truck driver, who braved the blizzards and salt-less roads of the Northwest in order to get the molds to us in time. As I’m writing this, the topshell mold is in our homemade curing oven, undergoing a 10 hour postcure. If everything goes as planned (and so far it has), we’ll complete several layups over Thanksgiving break.

Photo evidence:

Ridiculously sweet-looking plug – the transition between the round bubble into the knife-thin trailing edge made my day.

Vacuum-infused fiberglass molds…they’re green!

Greg examines the remarkable transparency of our molds.

Bottom view of the molds – check out the interlocking balsa frame.

We’ll be starting layups tomorrow…soon, there will be a solar car!


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