Christensen Fiberglass Tooling Sponsors SSCP Molds

Christensen Fiberglass Tooling has extended our team a generous Gold Tier sponsorship for our group’s new fiberglass composite molds. Over the last decade our team has seen the best and the worst of composite tooling manufacturers. Still, Christensen Fiberglass Tooling has wowed our group with their incredible service and support. This year, our team decided to allocate more time to CFD analysis for our aerobody than we have in the past. Christensen Fiberglass Tooling was incredibly flexible in allowing our team to push back our finalized CAD even while they juggled another set of huge projects with our group’s relatively small build.

When it came time to lock in our designs Christensen provided constant feedback allowing our team to send out what should be some of our team’s best molds. This year, our team has created a complex array inset in our molds allowing us to have built in channels for our array wiring. In the past, we have set channels after the molds were manufactured, but our pre-set channels should make our layup process much easier.

Christensen’s molds also have an amazing surface finish. This will help our team shave time when we start doing finishing work on the carbon monocoque chassis of our car. Our team plans to have a drivable car in the middle of the spring so we can start doing test drives in the Central Valley, and so we can make a wind tunnel reservation at the Aerodyn Wind Tunnel on June 19th.

Even after our team faced delays sending out CAD to Christensen Fiberglass Tooling the staff at Christensen were still willing to move mountains to expedite our molds. At their current rate of progress we will have molds on campus during finals week and we will begin layups over winter break. All of our composite materials are in house or nearly ready to be shipped, so we should have an exciting winter break as we begin to layup our next pair of solar cars.

The Christensen family has had generations of experience making fiberglass tooling products. They are experts in producing large, cost competitive, 5-axis milled plugs, masters, molds and tooling for the aerospace, marine, transportation, wind energy, and other large composite structures markets. They have developed the capability to precision machine a wide range of composite materials to meet a variety of processing parameters.

Oh, one other cool thing. Christensen set up a webcam showing their CNC machine as it worked throughout the day and night to mill our plugs.

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