Virgin Australia Sponsors Stanford Solar Car!

We’re very excited to announce our newest Platinum level sponsor: Virgin Australia! Virgin Australia will be air shipping Luminos to Australia, which reduces our shipping time from about seven weeks to less than two! This means that we have about five extra weeks to test and continue to develop Luminos and our race team before the World Solar Challenge. The difference this makes for our team cannot be understated.

Richard Branson‘s Virgin Group has established itself by doing things differently in everything from book sales to commercial space travel. Virgin’s “big family” approach to the interactions between its myriad companies proved to be incredibly helpful when it came to finding how to best get Luminos and our equipment to Australia. For example, although Virgin Australia is providing the sponsorship, Luminos will be flying on a Virgin Atlantic Cargo 777.

We feel that Virgin’s spirit of innovation and challenging enterprises matches perfectly with what we try to do here at SSCP. We are incredibly lucky to have the Virgin Australia as a sponsor!


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