Williams Advanced Engineering in the UK

Following the end of the fall academic quarter, SSCP and Stanford DDL traveled to Oxfordshire in the UK to visit Williams Advanced Engineering for a two-day workshop. The first thing we saw at Williams was the shrub trimmed in the shape of an F1 car.


From December 15th-16th, the team learned about suspension, design reviews, composites, battery containment, and aerodynamics from Williams’ engineers. We talked about how Williams does things for Formula 1 and also how that relates to how we design our solar cars. Both Williams F1 and SSCP want our cars to go fast and be efficient, but in different ways and on different scales.

Here’s all of us with Williams’ latest F1 car. The SSCP aero team was delighted to see all the airfoils, which are very close to their hearts, on the F1 car. There are so many!


One of Williams’ projects outside F1 was the Jaguar C-X75 (see below), a hybrid-electric concept supercar. Though called a concept car, the C-X75 is a completely finished car that’s essentially ready for production.


We toured through almost all of the Williams campus, and even got to see a potential driver being tested in the simulator. Even Williams was decked out for the holidays, because every major building we toured through had at least one decorated Christmas tree in it. Engineering and holiday spirit in tandem were the perfect introduction to our winter break.

Many thanks to Williams and Richard Thompson (Business Development Manager) for facilitating our trip!

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