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Christensen Fiberglass Tooling has continued their support of SSCP this year! They have generously discounted our molds for the next car while providing quick feedback during our design process and an ultra fast lead time for the molds. In terms of schedule, surface finish, and general durability they are one of the best companies that we have dealt with thus far and look forward to gaining an aerodynamic advantage thanks to their hard work with the molds.

Christensen Fiberglass creates large, competitively-priced molds, tooling, and masters for a variety of industries. Using capability to precision machine large composites, they can cater to aerospace, marine, and transportation, as well as the wind energy industry, making wind turbines. In addition, CFT creates custom products based on architectural designs or concepts, improving cost and efficiency.

Check out our new molds as they arrived in December 2013!

Fiberglass used on G650


Fiberglass used on hulls, decks, cockpit liners, and more