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Gonsel’s Machine Shop is a family-owned-and-operated job shop which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2003. Gonsel’s is also one of our longest-running sponsors. They’re a CNC machine shop up in Oakland that does fantastic work for all of its customers. On Apogee they machined all of our uprights, A-arms, and both revisions of our trailing arm suspension. On Luminos, Gonsel’s machine beautiful titanium spindles for our custom motor designs, among other components.

Our car simply would not have happened without all of the help that Gonsel’s has given us. They even went out of their way to source extra metal for us when we ran out, all on the house. There’s no way that we can even try to come up with a value for all the work and support that they’ve given us over the years, so we won’t even try. They’re one of the best friends this team has ever had and we hope that we hold up the relationship for many years to come.

Custom Motors on Luminos – Titanium Spindles made by Gonsel’s

Brake and Custom Motor


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