Stanford Solar Car has arrived in Australia!

The Stanford Solar Car team has arrived in Australia and our car finally cleared customs & quarantine yesterday! Going forward, we’ll be doing pre-race testing with our race crew of 20 until the race, the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which starts October 8. In mid-September, we’re moving from our current station in Adelaide to the Outback. There we will be camping, practicing race positions, and improving the vehicle until the race, so stay tuned for more.

Above is a photo of our race crew, with a name listing below (left to right):
Roman Decca (business/logistics)
Gawan Fiore (race strategy)
Harrison Ho (embedded code)
Max Drach (engineering)
Sarah Spaugh (mechanical)
Mike Chen (battery)
John Stayner (array)
Jonah Sargent (array + mechanical)
Cori Brendel (mechanical + electrical)
Ben Fearon (mechanical)
Greg Lopes (battery management system)
Yuji Sugimoto (mechanical + electrical)
Auden Ehringer (driver + battery)
Kelsey Josund (team lead + race crew lead)
Ashe Magalhaes (driver + telemetry)
Maggie Ford (electrical)
Kate Pregler (driver + electrical)
Rachel Abril (backup driver + suspension)
Hayden Hall (mechanical)
Gillian Micale (safety officer + array)

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