World Solar Challenge: Day Three

Array standing Arctan in the evening. Photo Credits Hayden Hall

Today we traveled from north of Alice Springs to past the South Australia border. The parents joining our convoy treated us to a lovely omelet breakfast, then headed straight to Alice Springs separate from the main convoy to restock on fresh produce and meat for the next couple days. Meanwhile, the convoy set cruise …

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World Solar Challenge: Day Two

Arctan passing Devil's Marbles. Photo Credits Rachel Abril

The second race day began at Dunmarra, the second control stop of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The team was in seventh place, behind other top competitors. After serving out the rest of the control stop time in the morning, we were off South. Arctan handled the next part of …

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Week Five Update: Final Testing

The team with the Milky Way in the Outback. Photo Credits Emily Henriksson.

The outback is a harsh environment with chip-sealed roads that destroy tires and wheel alignment, road trains that kick up rocks and dust, and gravel turn-outs that cause body damage. After several days of testing and the mock race, it was time for some repairs. The team went north to Alice Springs, …

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