Arctan Telemetry: Daisy

All solar car teams strive to choose the most aerodynamic design, balance weight with durability and find high-efficiency solar panels and high-capacity batteries. These decisions are far from clear-cut, but let’s pretend there’s a definitive right answer. And let’s assume all the teams have unlimited budgets and, having chosen this …

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Click Bond Sponsorship


Click Bond has generously continued its support of SSCP this year by donating hundreds of fasteners, inserts, and tie mounts. We are a huge fan of their easy-to-use adhesive studs, adhesive grommets, zip-tie mounts, and other hardware for composites. SSCP proudly depends on Click Bond products to attach all of …

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Stanford Solar Car Documentary!

As promised, here’s the documentary about SSCP that was first screened on Monday! Titled Racing on Sunshine, it’s a fantastic, 45-minute video about Stanford Solar Car and our experience in the 2013 World Solar Challenge. Check it out when you have a chance!

Looking back on 2014

A preview of our trip to visit Williams F1 and their Advanced Engineering division in the UK

The team’s design cycle for the next race began in earnest in June of 2014, with the release of the 2015 World Solar Challenge regulations. (Naturally, this coincided with a long lull in our blog updates–but rest assured, things are coming along!) Here’s a quick look back at what our …

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Citizen Schools Tour


Stanford Solar Car today gave a tour to 20 students from Joseph George Middle School in San Jose. These students are working on their own mini solar cars through the Citizen Schools program! Citizen Schools seeks to extend the learning day with unique hands-on learning experiences called apprenticeships. Good luck …

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CS Hyde Sponsorship

Big thanks to CS Hyde Company for its continued support of our solar car team!  CS Hyde has been a valuable Friends-level Sponsor since 2012, and we depend on their FEP Optically Clear Tape to help fasten our fairings to the vehicle in the extreme conditions of the Australian Outback. In …

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CoilCraft Sponsorship

Thanks to CoilCraft for joining us as a new Friends-level Sponsor! In their own words: As the most trusted name in RF & power magnetics, Coilcraft is committed to providing ECE students with a wide variety of resources to support their studies. In addition to free RF and power inductor samples, …

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