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Cori Brendel is a Junior in Materials Science Engineering with a passion for photo voltaics and nanoscale materials. Outside of Solar Car she enjoys cycling, trail-running, and espresso drinking.

Cori Brendel

Team Lead
Maggie Ford

Maggie Ford is from Texas and is a Senior in Electrical Engineering who first got interested in cars by working on her 1965 VW Beetle in high school. When she’s not at the shop, you can find her drafting dress patterns, holding office hours, or working on solar car in a location that isn’t the shop.

Maggie Ford

Engineering Director
Sarah Spaugh

Sarah Spaugh is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering who initially joined solar car to work on composites before getting lost deep in the woods of system design and race strategy. Outside of Solar Car she enjoys running, keeping up with Formula 1, tinkering on the CNC and promoting her 'aggressive coffee drinker' aesthetic.

Sarah Spaugh

Chief Engineer & Race Captain

Kenyon Donald is a Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Since joining during the spring of his freshman year, he has have been inspired to progress SCCP both at an institutional and technical level. As a black engineer and the lead promoter of Club Mech Kenyon is dedicated to making Solar Car and inclusive and empowering environment for all, especially women and minorities.

Kenyon Donald

Mechanical Lead
Sarah Woodward

Sarah Woodard is a Junior Electrical Engineering major with a focus in hardware and physical systems. She talks about SSCP enough that her grandfather jokingly refers to the project as “that flying car y’all are working on.”

Sarah Woodard

Electrical Lead

Temidayo is a class of 2020 Mechanical Engineering student who enjoys skiing and playing golf. He joined the team early his freshman year and quickly became interested in energy storage. After much hard work, he is looking forward to the 2019 race in Australia which is right around the corner!

Temidayo Dairo

Battery Engineer

Jason Trinidad is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys trying new foods, mild hiking, and most interdisciplinary engineering projects. Jason looks forward to the aerodynamic design of the 2019 Solar Car!

Jason Trinidad

Aero Co-Lead

Ariosto “Tito” Gomez-Franco is a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. He has a passion for aerospace, renewable energy, and cutting-edge technology. Tito's favorite non-solar related activity is snowboarding.

Tito Gomez-Franco

Business Lead

Peter Hansel is a freshman studying Computer Science and Mathematics. This is his first year on the team but he’s very excited to be a part of the 2018-2019 cycle! Outside of Solar Car he enjoys long bike rides, playing frisbee, and just chillin’.

Peter Hansel

Chief Financial Officer