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The support that SSCP receives from partnerships with corporate sponsors and individual donors is what allows us to build lighter, sleeker, and faster cars each cycle. By partnering with the Stanford Solar Car Project, you benefit in three ways.

Firstly, our field is high-visibility and immensely popular with the public. With the thousands of people across the continent we talk to in person, one-on-one, each year, as well as the millions watching solar racing events in the media, your name gets real, value-added publicity. Our audience is international and our appeal reaches across all demographics.

Secondly, unlike other race and event teams, Stanford Solar Car’s focus is both environmental and educational. By becoming a part of our team, you visibly demonstrate your commitment to the a cleaner earth, to the betterment of America’s next generation of engineers, and to the development of new technologies.

Finally, you gain our support in your own endeavors. We love to show off our cars, so we are more than glad to make visits and give talks at public and corporate events. Don’t hesitate to ask us what we can do for you.

Join us in our relentless pursuit of efficiency, speed, and engineering excellence.

To make an immediate donation visit our donation page.
To read more about our sponsorship program visit our sponsorship page.
For more information email us at

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