How to Donate to the Stanford Solar Car Project


Thank you for considering a donation to the Stanford Solar Car Project. We are deeply grateful for your support. Your help will enable us to race our newest car in the 2015 World Solar Challenge.

We are always looking for companies that would like to play a keystone role in the development of our car. If you would like to make a large cash or in-kind donation to the Stanford Solar Car Project please contact us at and we can discuss sponsorship options. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sponsoring our team visit our sponsorship program page.

There are multiple ways to donate to the Stanford Solar Car Project:


The first way is to donate to the team through the website, This is the fastest and most convenient way to make a donation, and works for nearly any donation level. Here are the simple instructions for making such a gift from your computer:

1) Go to This should bring up the home page for the Giving to Stanford website.
2) Click on the button that reads, “Make a Gift” in either the top right-hand or the bottom right-hand of the page. Either link will take you to the next step.
3) Under the selection of choices that reads, “Please select the school or group to which you wish to make a gift”, you must select “other” at the bottom. After you have selected other, and the second bar reads, “One-time gift” then click “Continue” in order to proceed onto the next page.
4) Under the option for “Further Designation”, scroll to the bottom of the options and select “Other Designation (specify below)“.
5) In the space provided, copy and paste this message: “This gift is to be given to the Stanford Solar Car Project.” Once you’ve typed this in, enter the amount of your gift and then click “Continue”.
6) On the final pages, follow the instructions for giving the required information, submit the forms, and then feel great that you’ve helped the Stanford Solar Car Project make it to Australia. Thank you for your support!

By Mail:

The second way that you can give to the team is by sending a check. Please send all checks to:

Felicity Meu
Senior Associate Director Student and Young Alumni Development
Frances C Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez St
Stanford, California 94305

1) The check should be made out to “Stanford Solar Car Project”.

2) Please be sure to also include a note in your letter that this gift is intended for the Stanford Solar Car Project.

By Phone:

You can call the Stanford Office of Development to make a gift or pledge payment by credit card at (866) 543-0243 or (650) 724-0627. Call (650) 926-0244 to make a  securities gifts.

Wire Transfers:

Please email our team at if you are interested by donating using a wire transfer.

Estate Gifts:

You can set up an estate gift or a life income gift through our Planned Giving Office by e-mailing the Office of Planned Giving or calling (800) 227-8977, ext. 5-4358 (see Planned Giving for more information).

Please send us a message at if you make a donation so we can recognize your gift. This also helps verify that we have processed and received your gift. You can contact us if you have questions and you can read the Stanford Giving FAQ here.

If you work for a company or organization that matches employee donations, consider asking if they will match your gift. Your funds combined with the additional leverage of the match could double the impact of your generosity. Please don’t hesitate to contact our financial manager if you have any questions about the giving process, the fundraising campaign in general, or Luminos.


Thank you,

The Stanford Solar Car Project



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  2. I am a huge car fan and have recently been trying to learn more about the future and possibilities of the Solar Powered Car. The only big question remains getting this technology into a production vehicle, and I see no limitation in doing so in a hybrid platform.

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