Stanford Solar Car's Premier Sponsor: Ford Motor Company


The Stanford Solar Car Project is proud to be working with Ford Motor Company as its Premier sponsor. Ford is a global automotive and mobility company. Its principal business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing, financing and servicing a line of Ford cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and electrified vehicles, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. The Company operates in two sectors: Automotive and Financial Services. Below are two divisions of Ford that have been instrumental in advancing the Stanford Solar Car Project's work: the Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto and the Ford STEAM Experience.

Ford Research and Innovation Center, Palo Alto


The Stanford Solar Car Project works closely with Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, which accelerates the company’s innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data. The aim of Ford Smart Mobility is to use innovation to take Ford to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, big data analytics and customer experience. The Innovate Mobility Series supports this effort by inviting software developers around the world to participate in experiments which introduce breakthrough transportation ideas to create better customer experiences. Each experiment is designed to learn what customers will want and need in tomorrow’s transportation ecosystem. All in all, the Research & Innovation Center is a hotbed of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The space itself mirrors the culture of design and hacking that exists here, providing a start-up like vibe. Much the same, the Solar Car Project aims for its lab at the Automotive Innovation Facility to foster the same type of environment.

Ford STEAM Experience


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math -- all cornerstones of the work at the Stanford Solar Car Project. For more than 30 years Ford has been inspiring young people to seek knowledge, be curious, solve problems and, like Henry Ford himself, make dreams of a better world come true. STEAM's mission is to inspire the next generation of inventors, innovators and mobility makers. To that end, Ford has been at work over the past three decades creating vibrant, cutting-edge educational opportunities that change lives. Programs such as STEAM Academies and the Ford High School Science and Technology Program (HSSTP) engage thousands of students who go on to make a big impact in their STEAM careers. Much the same, the Ford STEAM program's support of the Stanford Solar Car Project allows the technical and design training necessary to build a solar car from the ground up.