Solar Car’s premier sponsor: Hyundai Motor Group

Since 2017, Hyundai has been the Stanford Solar Car Project’s premier sponsor. We are proud to work with such leaders in technology in the automotive industry. Hyundai is dedicated to bringing consumer-friendly vehicles augmented with technology that suits the user.¬†Hyundai designs, manufactures, and sells a wide array of vehicles, including SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Electric, and more. In addition to making vehicles with cutting-edge technology, Hyundai has several programs that makes their company one-of-a-kind:

A Thoughtful Kind of Car Company

Hyundai prides themselves on being “A thoughtful kind of car company.” They operate their business by asking these questions:


What would happen if people who were passionate about cars took the time to think about them all over again, as though for the first time?


What if they cracked the entire industry wide open, peered more deeply into it, spread out all its parts, and questioned their every detail?


What if they set aside the rules and vowed to discover the things that really matter about a car the things that are universally and undeniably true?


What if they stood face-to-face with each and every automotive assumption out there and challenged them all with an unprecedented sense of openness and honesty? What kind of answers would they find?


It’s these kind of questions that really make us proud to work with a company like Hyundai!

Hyundai Hope On Wheels

Hyundai is committed to serving communities around them. As they put it, “Corporate Social Responsibility is not just something we do, but it is a part of who we are. With every new Hyundai sold in the US, money is donated to pediatric cancer research through our signature program Hyundai Hope On Wheels.”


This program, established in 1998, has supported children’s hospitals with over $100 million in grants.