20131011-DSC_2026SSCP is a unique promotional opportunity, providing a fusion of both education and exposure opportunities to a prospective sponsor. The team actively promotes clean energy awareness and education, essential pursuits in striving towards a cleaner future. Furthermore, SSCP is a solar endurance racing organization of the highest caliber, and is widely respected as such by many teams, universities, and companies world-wide. It is rare that an endeavor can unite these aspects of education and achievement in one environmentally responsible mission, but SSCP does just that. The public and media recognize this, and SSCP’s vehicle turns heads everywhere it goes.

Furthermore, SSCP is educating the next generation of young, environmentally-minded engineers and business leaders about to enter the workforce. Former members take the skills they develop here and become assets at some of the most exciting projects underway today. In supporting the team, companies can begin to build their name and forge relationships with some of the future leaders of the technical world.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Opportunities for collaboration with the world’s leading research university
  • Access to the SSCP recruiting pool of Stanford graduates
  • R&D Test Platform
  • National and International Exposure
  • Tax-deductible contributions
  • Sponsors receive additional benefits based on the value of the donation. Detailed benefits for each sponsorship tier are listed here.

Supporting our Team

With a project of this size and of international proportions, SSCP is looking for significant support. This involves both monetary contributions and in-kind donations, covering everything from construction materials to airplane tickets to race supplies.

Sponsors are what make our adventure possible. Each year we try and get back in touch with our old sponsors and try to make contact with some new ones. They provide the supplies, services, and cash that let us build a car from scratch.

Without them there would be no Stanford Solar Car Project, and for their support we are infinitely grateful. Most of the contacts we make are with individuals at these companies. We’ve been lucky enough to get to know many great people interested in furthering a great cause. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the years.

For more details about our current sponsors, take a look at the list below.

To make an immediate donation visit our donation page.
To read more about our sponsorship program visit our detailed sponsorship page.
For more information email us at contactsolarcar@lists.stanford.edu


Platinum Sponsors

Volkswagen and VW Electronics Research Lab

We’re proud to have Volkswagen as a continued sponsor this year. VW has been extremely generous to the Solar Car Project and to other automotive projects (such as the Stanford Racing Team), providing us with a new dedicated building for research and development. They have also supported our team financially, lent us escort vehicles to use during the 2011 and 2013 World Solar Challenge, and helped connect us with other industry partners.

The VW ERL is a division of the Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., with its headquarters in Silicon Valley (Belmont, California). The VW ERL’s mission is to leverage Silicon Valley resources for the advancement of the Volkswagen Groups’ products through technical knowledge and electronics expertise. The VW ERL is home to a number of Volkswagen Group R&D projects and collaborations between VW and Stanford University. Check out one of the VW ERL’s website to see more about our team’s work with Volkswagen and other collaborations such as Stanley, Junior, and Shelly: three autonomous race cars developed by VW and Stanford. The engineers at the VW ERL have played a huge role in connecting our team with the greater VW network.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic have moved mountains to get VirginAustralia_colourLuminos from California to Melbourne in record time. Amazingly, they were able to fly our car to Melbourne and get the car through customs in less than three days! Both companies were extremely generous in their air shipping support for our team, and their staff were quick and professional while helping our team coordinate logistics and paperwork for the international shipment. The time savings and cost savings of air shipping our car instead of ocean shipping proved to be incredibly valuable for our team. We were able to double the test miles on the car, develop a more thorough race strategy model, practice pit stop scenarios, and host more young student outreach sessions. Thanks, Virgin!

Linear Technology

Linear Technology is a large manufacturer of CMOS ICs. They’re also one of our biggest new sponsors. They have provided the team with a large cash sponsorship and free access to their huge catalog of excellent products. We already use a number of Linear Technology components on our current car, Xenith. We look forward to working with them in the future–their sponsorship will be extremely valuable as we implement a new design for the 2013 World Solar Challenge.


The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) is the interdisciplinary automotive affiliates program at Stanford University. The vision of CARS is to create a community of faculty and students from a range of disciplines at Stanford with leading industry researchers to radically re-envision the automobile for unprecedented levels of safety, performance, sustainability, and enjoyment. The CARS mission is to discover, build, and deploy the critical ideas and innovations for the next generation of cars and drivers. Our partnership with the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford has helped our team connect with many of the most exciting companies and individuals in the automotive industry. The administrators of CARS are always available to assist our team in any way they can, and the program offers an exciting series of classes and guest speakers from the automotive community.


For many years 3M has been one of the key sponsors for the Stanford Solar Car Project in tapes, glues, and other adhesives. 3M produces more than 55,000 products, including: adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental products, electronic materials, medical products, car care products (such as sun films, polish, wax, car shampoo, treatment for the exterior, interior and the under chassis rust protection), electronic circuits and optical films. Our team’s order this year included an assortment of tapes, VHB, structural epoxies, vinyl wrap film, prototype array encapsulants, zip ties, sander, and much much more.

Stanford School of Engineering

The Stanford School of Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century, creating pivotal technologies that have transformed the worlds of information technology, communications, medicine, energy, business and beyond. The faculty, students and alumni of Stanford Engineering have established thousands of companies and laid the technological and business foundations for Silicon Valley. Founded in 1925, the school has a tradition of pursuing multidisciplinary collaboration aimed at solving the most pressing global problems. Our team receives suport through the Stanford School of Engineering in many forms. Our partnership with the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford has helped our team connect with many of the most exciting companies and individuals in the automotive industry. We received our workshop space at VAIL through the Stanford School of Engineering. The faculty in the Stanford School of Engineering are always available to assist our team in any way they can.

VPUE Harry Elam

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Harry Elam: The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) serves as the primary conduit for faculty interested in furthering their interaction with undergraduates, developing innovative curriculum and pedagogy, and discovering ways in which working with undergraduates can enrich their own research agendas at Stanford. Many of the VPUE’s programs at Stanford such as the Bing Overseas Studies Program, Introsems, Structured Liberal Education, research grants, and and Stanford Introductory Seminars are the highlights of the Stanford undergraduate experience. The VPUE’s commitment to these fun and enriching student programs and groups like the Stanford Solar Car Project highlight Stanford’s dedication to helping students to achieve their intellectual ambitions as undergraduates. The Stanford Solar Car Project appreciates the VPUE’s support and we are excited to continue providing challenging and enriching hands on engineering and business management experiences for Stanford undergraduates.

Stanford University

Stanford is recognized as one of the world’s leading universities, and our students have opportunities to participate in a remarkable range of activities. Through academic courses taught by renowned professors, research and public service opportunities, and an extraordinary breadth of extracurricular activities — Stanford University prepares students to take on the great challenges of the day and become the next generation of leaders. Our team is actually a Stanford Voluntary Student Organization, but we thought that our school still deserves its own posting on our website. Stanford provides our students with an amazing classroom foundation in engineering and entrepreneurism. On top of this we receive funding, workshop space, capital equipment, liability insurance, legal support, academic advice, and more from the amazing professors and other faculty at Stanford.


ASSU is the Stanford student group parent organization. They handle student elections and special fees, one of our bigger sources of funding. Each year students must vote whether or not a group gets funding. Solar car has tended to be a very popular student group, and we typically win a landslide victory at every election. Thanks to the generosity of the students at Stanford University, we will be receiving over $50,000 through this system this coming June. We hope to receive a similar amount next year as well. With this funding, however, there are strings attached. Thankfully, equipment and materials purchases make up the bulk of our expenditures, and are justifiable to both the ASSU Senate and SSE Banking employees.


Altium is the leading developer of solutions that help engineers design and build the next generation of electronic products. Altium’s vision has been to level the playing field for electronics designers by offering an alternative to expensive, difficult-to-use tools. Altium is now a global company with a passion for innovation, and the goal of redefining the way electronic products are developed. Altium generously supported our team through an in-kind donation of Altium Designer.

HSM Works

HSMWorks Logo - For white background - 590x111pxHSMWorks – the CAM solution for SolidWorks, was released in 2008 at SolidWorks World in New Orleans. The revolutionary CAM solution was designed to provide users with unparalleled ease-of-use through a truly seamless integration with SolidWorks. Our team uses HSM works to machine the various aluminum components that go onto our car and test equipment. Thanks, HSM!

Gold Sponsors



Silver Sponsors

TW Metals
Amber Composites
TRB Lightweight Structures
IAR Systems
Keller Industries Inc. 
Cytec Industries

Bronze Sponsors

Sierra Circuits
MC Gill
Intersolar North America
Click Bond
Michelin North America, Inc.

Teammate Sponsors

Ok International
TDK-EPC (Epcos)
National Instruments
Texas Instruments
Quanta Labs

Friend Sponsors

CS Hyde Company
TE Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions
CJ Environmental
Swift Metal Finishing
MS Aerospace
Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc.
PCE Instruments UK Ltd
Alpha Wire
D2 Solar
Boundary Devices
Advanced Component Manufacturing
DB Schenker
Artus Clothing
AGL Solar Energy Australia
Andys Auto Sports
TWI Global Inc.
Varian Physics Machine Shop
Pinecone Lumber
Stevens Urethane
Cutting Edge Machining
Elite Auto Films
Advanced Motion Controls
Palo Alto Glass
Gill Instruments
Maverick Labels
The Young Engineers
AdvanTech International
Pine Cone Lumber Co.
SKF Group
Rollin J. Lobaugh
Estey & Bomberger, LLP.
Big Blue Saw
Advanced Laser
President Titanium
Lockheed Martin
Tom Currier


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