Our team operates on a two year design-and-build cycle aligned with the race dates of the World Solar Challenge in October of odd-numbered years. Right now, we are working on our car for the fall 2017 World Solar Challenge.

To help us work most effectively, we have multiple subteams that design together closely and a leadership team of senior members who experienced a large chunk of the past cycle. We have a team lead and an engineering lead who make sure everyone keeps high-level goals and deadlines in mind and work to keep everything on time, with subteams for the solar array, electrical system, embedded code, race and design strategy, composites construction, and mechanical design designing their components of the car. In addition to this, we have an aerodynamics team modeling all the possible aerobodies for the car early in the cycle and a business team that coordinates sponsor outreach, university relations, and budget/financial concerns.

Despite the division of the team into many sub-teams, however, positions within the teams are not fixed and members often move from sub-team to sub-team, filling in wherever they are needed and engaging in whatever disciplines are interesting to them. We are also proud to say that as a student-led organization, the structure of our team is very flat with little distinctions made between team leaders and other members of the team. We aim for a collaborative environment where everyone can freely communicate with each other, propose and engage in their own projects, and contribute substantially to the design and construction of the car.

If you are ready to join here is what you need to do:

Preparing the Car Optimized