Leaving Port Augusta

We think we’re going to finish in fourth place in the silicon class. Granted only four silicon cars will have finished completely under their own power, but that still feels pretty good. We’ve crossed a continent without really big issues.

We pulled over once to reset the emergency disconnect, and once to change a hardpoint tab for the suspension. Other than that, nothing has taken our car out of commission. It’s perhaps the most reliable car SSCP has made in quite some time. Our total “side of the road” time was about 20 minutes for the whole race.

Right now the plan is to continue working on the car as we design new things for our next vehicle. If the team decides to go to NASC 2010, Apogee will come along as well. We’re thinking we might do it with a new top shell and multijunction cells left over from Equinox.

Sitting in the back of the van, I’m designing the next revision of our power trackers.

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    Adem Rudin
    Posted at 19:33h, 01 November

    We’d love to see more teams at NASC 2010; I sure hope you guys make it!

    If you’re working on new power trackers, you might want to talk to our tracker guru. We’ve been building trackers from the ground up since 2005 or so; the latest rev is quite good.