On the road to Adelaide

3G coverage out here is surprisingly good. We’re in the middle of farm country, and I’ve got a solid 5-bars HSDPA connection. Amazing!

We know all you really want are the pictures… Here’s the convoy somewhere about a third of the way to Adelaide. We’re preparing to drive the car for a bit while the weather is nice:

DC getting ready to go driving:


Out on the road, a view from the rather large truck. Sadly, the solar car team’s van is probably the most nimble vehicle in the group and always in the way of getting a good look at the car.


And when we decided to pack the car back up, we finally managed to take a decent team photo. About time!


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    TC Lambert
    Posted at 12:23h, 15 October

    That is one fine looking car. Of course, I like Michigan’s car, Infinium. For sheer beauty, though, you gotta check out Principia’s car. It ran pretty well in NASC ’08, too.

    With MIT back in solar racing, it looks like America has four strong entries. With Nuna5 in pieces, this race may have multiple American teams fighting for the lead.

    Well, I can dream.

    -TC Lambert

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    Brian Cheung
    Posted at 16:02h, 20 October

    Wow the car looks great!

    Good luck at scrutineering!