School of Engineering interested in putting Apogee on display

There’s no doubt that Apogee is one of the prettiest solar cars around, and it seems that our own SoE has finally decided it might be good to put one up for show.

They’re opening a new building next to Y2E2 pretty soon and are looking for some lobby art. In particular, they think a solar car would be a good fit since it would show off the work of students. I couldn’t agree more, and I think this is a fantastic opportunity for both solar car to gain a little bit more local publicity with the school and its students, as well as an opportunity for the school to better capitalize on the extraordinary work we do.

I’m hoping to rig up the driver control interface to a kiosk so that visitors can hit the accelerator and regen, or turn on the blinkers to help make it a more interactive exhibit.


One response to “School of Engineering interested in putting Apogee on display”

  1. Troy Steinmetz Avatar
    Troy Steinmetz

    That would be awesome! Let me know if Snehal or I can help with that.