Ameresco comes through on their promise!

Yesterday we received a $20,000 check from Ameresco – an energy services and consulting company. Two years ago we signed a deal with them to provide a solar car for a television show they were sponsoring through Discovery Networks. The deal was simple: we provide a car and a team, they provide transportation and lodging. In return they would donate $20,000 by April 1, 2009 and ship our old molds to a high school team in Houston, Mississippi. Everything went according to plan, except the check.

Well, boys and girls, the check has arrived! We now actually meet our planned budget for the Apogee build cycle and are back in the black. Ameresco will be getting their tax offset form soon and the school of engineering should expect a check from us shortly to cover our debt to them. We are also now registered for ASC 2010 – so expect to see us touring the Great American Kornbelt (GAK!) in June. Liquidity is amazing.

In other news, Nathan and I have been successfully tag teaming the leadership role. Every week I cede a little bit more responsibility to him, and at this point I’m almost as useless as a tangled ball of yarn. Now I get to be a cranky old codger – life is good!

Now I get to upload a completely unrelated and gratuitous photo:

Yes! Now it includes an inductor. We’ll see how well it works as testing ramps up this weekend.

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    Posted at 21:33h, 25 February

    Hi Sasha,

    Welcome to the ranks. Being a cranky old codger is great fun. You get to alienate people and not care, say things that make no sense and not be questioned, and refuse to participate in irritating events without too much guff.

    Nice inductor, by the way.

    What’s up with the electrolytic caps?

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    Posted at 13:16h, 10 May

    Great project and definitely good for the environment.