BK Precision donates a programmable load to Stanford Solar Car

It’s a 8502, 500v/300w programmable load complete with PC interface. So far I’ve been using it to do benchtop testing of the MPPT and discharge curves for the battery pack. So far the most exciting use by far has been to test the solar panels on the car. It helped us to identify a tracker on the car that was doing absolutely nothing.

That’s me, under the car with the load and my laptop testing panels.

That’s what I was staring at – an IV trace from the BK load, generated with a homebrew program using their serial interface. If anybody wants the source code, just shoot us an email and we’ll send it right over. It’s not the most robust software, but it gets the job done.

All things considered, this has worked out brilliantly well and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks BK Precision!

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    Andrew Kottenstette
    Posted at 10:25h, 06 June

    I enjoyed looking at your blog! Way to go of developing this! I, myself am interested in developing a portable sawmill powered by solar cells, with a battery system that runs a DC golf-cart motor at about the same horsepower as a large Huskvarna chainsaw motor (8 hp). The next step will be in configuring the panels on articulating trailer panels so as to gain the most sunlight when it is not running. I am not an engineer, I am a mouldmaker. If you need any help, let me know.
    Best Regards
    Andrew Kottenstette

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    Grandma JZ
    Posted at 05:51h, 09 June

    A good electrical jolt will awaken the heart and keep you going.

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      Sasha Zbrozek
      Posted at 13:18h, 10 June

      Oof, I certainly try to avoid those!