Another good week

This week we received our GH Craft carbon fiber wheels. They’re very pretty, but their width makes it rather difficult to seat tires. The wheels are reasonably light – about 1.38kg per wheel. It’s not a miracle, but it’s about what we would have expected to get with machined wheels but without having to invest a lot of time in sourcing the machining capability to do 16″ wheels.

Today we also installed a unistrut rack so that we can start moving away from the ghetto-rigged wooden frame that I built a few years ago. It served us well, but it was only intended to last until we moved into a new building. Now, armed with permission to drill holes in the building’s frame from the bureaucracy and a mandate to do so for earthquake safety by other bureaucracy, we finally managed to get started and build the first shelf. It seems like it should be plenty strong enough to hold up carbon fiber sandwich panel.

There was also some more progress on the pack. Greg pulled off the battery management hardware from our older defunct cell monitor boards and I did most of the new assembly of the new ones. They’re fundamentally the same architecture as our old cell monitor boards, but with some bad design decisions thrown in to mollify physics-challenged gringos.

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