Elmo Motion Control sponsors the solar car project!

We’re pleased to announce that Elmo Motion Control, a supplier of ultra-light, ultra-small, and ultra-powerful servo controllers has donated two controllers for our next solar car! Several team members have used Elmo products in industry, so Elmo was our first choice when we needed servo controllers. We’ll post more info as we get these up and running.

Many thanks to the team at Elmo Motion Control for their support!


3 responses to “Elmo Motion Control sponsors the solar car project!”

  1. Hi Nathan,

    Are these for adjusting your air gap on the NGM motor? If so it sounds like a great idea. I remember at least one team from ASC that had on the fly air gap adjustment via a small motor but I honestly can’t remember which team.

    Are you guys still trying to get the CSIRO running?

  2. Sasha Zbrozek Avatar
    Sasha Zbrozek

    We’re waiting on magnets to show up before we try to run the CSIRO clone. The stator and back plates and machines and assembled, and the bearings are in the spindle.

    Gap adjust… that could be a good use for one of these. 😉

  3. We had an (the?) adjustable airgap. It was kind of a pain to get it functional, but optimizing the settings is one of the big things we’re working on for the next car. We had an NGM motor this year, I dunno if it would be easier or harder for an adjustable airgap on CSIRO.