Helmet Mounted Display Progressing – Thanks to Liteye Systems!

We’ve made a lot of progress in the past several weeks on the new Helmet Mounted Display.  Due to the fact that our new car’s bubble is rather cramped and it is doubtful that any reasonably large display could actually be put in a region that would be visible by the driver without obstructing vision, we went for a rather radical approach.  A generous sponsorship from Liteye Systems of a LE-750A HMD made this all possible!

HMD Test

The display goes over the driver’s dominant eye and provides an speedometer and (soon) rear-view camera display.  We’re using a board with a TI OMAP and VGA output to drive the 800×600, full color OLED inside the HMD.

Also, like a HUD on a Fighter Jet, the focal length can be set arbitrarily long, so the driver can concentrate on the road instead of the display.

Remaining features to add before we can start testing this awesome new display on Apogee include some more Linux Kernel tweaks (yes, the OMAP board runs embedded Linux) and using the onboard DSP to perform color conversion/mirroring of the rear view camera feed.  Thanks to Liteye we will for sure have one of the most cutting edge (and power-efficient) displays on any solar car.