New sponsors for Summer 2012

We’d like to introduce and thank our latest sponsors for the current build cycle. As we design and build our entry to the 2013 World Solar Challenge, these companies have been invaluable in providing us with materials, services and funding. We’re truly grateful for the support they’ve given the team this year!


Linear Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high-performance analog integrated circuits for major companies around the world. They have been one of our largest sponsors for several years now and we are very grateful for their continued support. Their excellent IC’s are used on every board that we put on the car in the switching power supplies, and we are lucky to be able to design our analog circuits with free linear ICs. In addition to their monetary support and ICs, we also greatly value the couple of times each cycle when we get to interact with Linear engineers, managers, and applications engineers who provide great feedback and design assistance whenever we have circuit issues.


Sierra Circuits is a local PCB fabrication house that manufactures all the prototype and production boards on our solar car.  Located a mere twenty minutes from campus, they produce high quality boards so quickly that they enable us to iterate our designs much faster and to design denser circuits.

DB Schenker and TWI Group, Inc. are two logistics companies that provided amazing help with delivering Xenith and our team’s trailer from the Aerodyn wind tunnel in North Carolina to the Intersolar and SEMIcon shows in San Francisco earlier this year. DB Schenker provides air, land, sea freight, and rail services. TWI Group, Inc. specializes in trade show logistics. Delivering our vehicle from North Carolina to San Francisco was a great success, and we are thankful to these two companies for their generous shipping donation.

RenewSys, an Indian company, is a leading manufacturer of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a material used to encapsulate solar cells. We met them at the SEMIcon/Intersolar conference earlier this year, where they gifted us a roll of EVA. We’re truly grateful for their donation!

Stevens Urethane manufactures Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and is the only company in the world to offer urethane in blown film, extruded sheet, tubing, cord, and profile form. They sponsored us this year with a roll of TPU, which will be very useful to us as we move forward in our build cycle.

Click Bond, Inc. is a company that creates inserts, adhesives and fasteners for aerospace applications. They have been very helpful to the team, and recently sent us a sample pack for testing. We look forward to using more products from Click Bond as we assemble our next solar car.

AdvanTech International, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of vehicle components for automotive applications. They were able to donate a cutting-edge Tamagawa resolver for our upcoming motor project. Resolvers are absolute angle sensors used in almost every electric vehicle motor. We’d like to thank AdvanTech International for their generous gift to the team.

STMicroelectronics, longtime sponsor, provides the team with free development boards, as well as chips from their excellent STM32 line which go on every board in the car.



Madico is a major manufacturer of laminating and coating materials for windows, solar panels and other applications. They recently supplied us with ReflektTM backsheet, used to reflect light into solar cells and thus boost power output.

Dupont is a company that hardly needs an introduction; their products span many different areas of research, from food production to packaging and graphic arts. They generously provided us with FEP frontsheet, which we expect will have an extended transmission to help our solar cells perform better. We look forward to working closely with Dupont in the coming months, as we build our new car.



Advanced Motion Controls provided the team with a very flexible digital servo drive which we are integrating into our rolling resistance measurement setup. Besides the car’s aerodynamic drag, the rolling resistance of its tires is the largest consumer of power.  Therefore,  making intelligent informed decisions about which tire to run during the race is critical.


Walter Vulej

Stephen Chen

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