Panasonic NCR18650B Cells

Our friends at are now offering Panasonic’s 3.4Ah Li-Ion 18650 cells. They were kind enough to send us a few cells to run tests on so we could verify that they are in fact real Panasonic cells – we used a Keithley 2430 SourceMeter to run charge/discharge curves on the cells.

The cells look good. We thought we’d share the data from the tests so other teams can know what they are buying! We’ll be running tests on the 3.1Ah NCR18650A cells that we used in our previous battery pack, stay tuned here for that data also.

The results:

Capacity: 3376mAh

Energy Efficiency (fast): 87.45%

Energy Efficiency (normal): 92.66%

Energy Efficiency (slow): 97.16%


Full data attached. ncr18650b_001
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