Stanford Names New Solar Car Luminos

Seven months from today, the Stanford Solar Car Project will drive into the Australian Outback at the start of the 2013 World Solar Challenge. The team has made significant progress in the last ten months  in designing and manufacturing our entry for the 2013 WSC. Today we are excited to announce the name for our newest solar car.

The Stanford Solar Car Project’s 2013 vehicle is named Luminos.

Luminos is originally from Latin and means bright, glowing or radiant. The name marks a shift from our team’s recent history of naming our cars after astronomy terminology. Our team decided to find a new family of solar car names to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our team’s founding. The Stanford Solar Car Project has allowed many generations of students to have an incredible hands on learning opportunity while advancing some of the most exciting prototype technologies of today.

Luminos is also a break from recent tradition in that the vehicle has both a four wheeled platform and a large upright seating area. The new vehicle design should make our solar car safer and more practical to drive while still maintaining the ultra efficient design and speed focus of our previous generations. Our team has exciting new technologies surrounding our array encapsulation, motor design, suspension design, electronics, and more.

Countless student volunteer hours have gone into developing the technologies behind Luminos, and our team is currently driving to have Luminos ready for wind tunnel testing the third week of June. Our team will conduct extensive road tests after our wind tunnel session. After a summer of refining our new car we will send Luminos to Australia for the World Solar Challenge. Visit our blog, Facebook, and Twitter to follow our team’s  progress!

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    Labiba Boyd
    Posted at 11:25h, 15 April Reply

    Luminos is a great name! I’ll call for an interview! Good Luck road testing and in Australia.

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