Spring Progress Update

Our team is pushing to have our car put together in time for our wind tunnel this session, so we haven’t had time to write up a detailed update on our progress. Almost every subsystem on the car has a finalized design at this point, and we have manufacturing queues set up here at VAIL and at our great sponsors such as Gonsel’s Machine Shop throughout the Bay Area.

We’ll have hundreds of componentsĀ coalescing at the shop, then we’ll quickly assemble everything and get Luminos to North Carolina.


Latest motor iteration

Completed rims

Some of the last parts to be milled on our Matsuura before we get our new Hass

Soldering thick gauge wires

Our new battery pack

New suspension

Gluing the battery pack together. The first batch of battery modules have all been welded together.

Dry fitting the first solar panels

Our Motor Running

A video of our new steering wheel and driver’s display.

Here is a video from the winter when we glued the top shell of our car on.

Here are some assorted pictures from the last few months.

Accelerator pedal carrier machined by Michael from Chris’s design

Soldering solar cells.

An early motor winding trial.

Installing the 4-bar linkage a while back

Our new acrylic lenses are as clear as glass thanks to Darren.

A sample of our machined components to date. These ones haven’t been de-burred or polished yet. They look even better after finishing.

Gel coating our plugs to make thermoforming molds.

“Cardinal red” after not buying enough dye.


Vacuum bagging composites once again.

Here is our electrical system on a bench. The e-team has handed over the boards for code at this point.

Test battery pack! We have almost everything to manufacture the real one soon.

This year we are integrating radio push-to-talk into the drivers steering wheel. We are also experimenting with different helmet mic and earphone setups. Here is one iteration.

We’re making progress on vinyl wrapping Luminos

Solar Car has a new permanent next door neighbor at VAIL. Swing by in the upcoming months to see the electrified future of this American classic.

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    Posted at 05:20h, 18 May

    Wow! this is amazing..I appreciate your work guys..You’ll go long run..

  • Avatar
    chris seehafer
    Posted at 20:57h, 22 May

    I think this is fantastic work being done. Our future is being shaped by students like this and I cannot wait to see where all this development takes us. Also, I’ll be watching this delorean battery crossover closely. I do believe there are many older vehicles that could benefit from that technology also.


  • Avatar
    chris seehafer
    Posted at 20:58h, 22 May

    Please let us know what costs are involved in the Delorean battery hybrid.

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    Posted at 06:30h, 27 June

    What kind of mounts are you using on the helmet?