Panasonic Sponsors Solar Car Project

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. The company was founded in 1918, and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers. In addition to electronics, it offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services. Panasonic has been a sponsor for the Stanford Solar Car Project for two cars. Our team is currently using Panasonic’s 3.4Ah lithium ion batteries for our new solar car. These batteries allow us to store energy during sunny parts of the race to allow our car to continue driving if our solar array is later shaded by clouds, smoke, or tress. Panasonic batteries’ built in safety protections add an additional layer of safety on top of our battery protection system creating an robust and reliable battery pack for our team. We are very excited to have Panasonic’s cells in our 2013 solar car.

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