Thank You, Solitaire Automotive Group

A few days after arriving in Melbourne, we made the nine hour drive out to Adelaide where we’ll stage our final car and convoy preparations before heading to the outback for testing.

This year we were fortunate enough to have the continued support of the Solitaire Automotive Group, a group of Volkswagen and related dealerships in the Adelaide area. They have generously allowed us to use their workspace at their Mile End service center, which has been immensely useful for the team in race preparations.

Just as it was last race, this is by far the best work environment we’ll while we’re in Australia. During our time here at Solitaire, we’ve finished building and painting our trailer, reassembled the car’s suspension, installed radios and warning lights on our convoy vehicles, attached wheel covers and reseated tires, built shelving for our two vans, and set up a chat server on a mesh network for the race, to name a few. Having such a well-kept facility open to us both during and after business hours has been extraordinarily useful in allowing us to properly prepare for testing in the outback and for the race itself.

Our team is equal parts grateful for and amazed by the extent of the help and hospitality we’ve experienced working here. Thank you to Craig Weber and the entire Solitaire Automotive Group here in Adelaide for your generosity and support!

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