Dynamic Scrutineering and last day in Darwin

Today, we passed dynamic scrutineering and received our official “SUN16” license plate! Our lap time was a swift 2:07.78, which places us 3rd out of 24 teams in qualifying times. This means that we will be the third challenge class car to leave Darwin. We drove on the track only a handful of times since track cornering is quite tough on our low rolling resistance Michelin tires. Thankfully, Bochum provided us with a set of Schwalbe tires which performed beautifully on the track.

WSC2013-after hotlap

Ian in Luminos after the hot-lap.

With one more night until the start of the race, we’re making our final preparations like seating our spare tires.

Tire seating

Darren and Jamie using the “bead blaster” to rapidly (and loudly) seat tires.

We had a lot of fun talking with other teams from around the world in Darwin and we look forward to seeing everyone on the road. ¬†As fun as it was in Darwin, we can’t wait to get on the Stuart Highway and start racing. Good luck tomorrow!


Goodbye to Darwin and to our (thankfully) air conditioned hostel!

WSC2013-Hidden Valley Teams

Luminos with the rest of the WSC 2013 cars

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    John Z
    Posted at 13:40h, 05 October Reply

    Wishing you speed, safety, and great
    success. SSCP is looking very strong!

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