CS Hyde Sponsorship


Big thanks to CS Hyde Company for its continued support of our solar car team!  CS Hyde has been a valuable Friends-level Sponsor since 2012, and we depend on their FEP Optically Clear Tape to help fasten our fairings to the vehicle in the extreme conditions of the Australian Outback.

In their own words: Founded in 1996, CS Hyde Company has been providing an endless number of industries with high-end materials that are required for innovation, functionality, production and growth. CS Hyde Company specializes in high performance tapes, films, fabrics and silicone products and utilizes the latest advancements in converting equipment to provide a superior product in the shortest timeframe possible.

CS Hyde continues to be committed to our customers, and will always provide service and products that have the client’s best interests in mind.  We pride ourselves on building successful, long-term relationships with our client base and surpassing their expectations. CS Hyde Company is passionate about our performance products and services and will continue strive to be the best in the business.

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