Click Bond Sponsorship


Click Bond has generously continued its support of SSCP this year by donating hundreds of fasteners, inserts, and tie mounts. We are a huge fan of their easy-to-use adhesive studs, adhesive grommets, zip-tie mounts, and other hardware for composites. SSCP proudly depends on Click Bond products to attach all of our suspension, roll cage, electronics, door, and wires to the car’s carbon fiber monocoque.

Click Bond designs and manufactures fasteners optimized for adhesive bonding to metallic and composite structure including: rivetless nutplates, studs, standoffs, brackets, cable tie mounts; sleeves; and advanced composite threaded fasteners. Click Bond’s adhesive-bonded fasteners reduce or eliminate the need to drill holes into structures for making attachments. They take pride in our ability to assist aerospace and other manufacturers in the use of bonded fastener technology to improve structural characteristics, extend product life, and streamline manufacturing processes.

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