Arctan – Stanford Solar Car’s Next Vehicle

The Stanford Solar Car Project is proud to announce that its twelfth vehicle will be named Arctan. The team has chosen this name in honor of Bryant Tan, an SSCP alumnus who passed away in June of 2014.

Bryant joined SSCP in 2010 to design, build, and race Xenith. He helped architect the systems that led to Luminos‘ strong finish in 2013 and remained involved with the team throughout the completion of his two Electrical Engineering degrees. Bryant is remembered as one of the most fearless solar car drivers in the team’s history, a talented engineer, and an immensely caring friend. He leaves us with a legacy of intellectual hunger that compels us to educate and to compete.

We believe that Arctan is a fitting expression of gratitude to a man as mathematical as Bryant. We are excited to share its progress with you over the next few months!

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