What have we been up to winter quarter?

We can’t believe the first quarter of this new cycle is already almost over! But as dead week and finals week fall upon us, SSCP is hard at work. These past few months we’ve been very busy recruiting new members and building up a new team, reaching out to sponsors and expanding our relationship with existing ones, and doing as much outreach in the local community as we have time for.

Our aerodynamics team has two parallel design pipelines set up with different software stacks, and have recruited and trained several new members. We’re continuing to iterate on Arctan’s designs so that we can understand everything about that car and the aero software and as soon as the rules come out in a few months we will be ready to jump right in.

Our business team has been developing relationships with many new companies we’ve never worked with in the past and cultivating new allies within the Stanford family, as well as redesigning our website and outreach material from scratch. We hope to debut some new and exciting partnerships this cycle!

The array team has a solid leadership team and several new members working with numerous companies across industries to design and test a new array encapsulation. Through working with various departments at Stanford, we have access to new equipment we haven’t had in previous cycles to make our testing more accurate and effective than before.

We have a large group of devoted electrical and mechanical new members working together to build and wire a Go Kart to get practice with creating a (simple) car from the ground up. This involves building a chassis, designing boards, and programming the little vehicle, and it’s looking great!

We’ve given tours of our workspace to Stanford visitors, showed off Arctan to local high schoolers, and visited local companies to expand our presence within Silicon Valley. If you’re a local group interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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