Welcome To Our New Sponsors!

Our project would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Since the end of our last race in 2015, we have been hard at work fostering new relationships as well as strengthening existing ones. On behalf of our team, I am excited to present the individuals and organizations that have agreed to support us for the 2016-2017 cycle so far!


Provost John Etchemendy, one of our project’s largest supporters, has increased his level of support to become our project’s first Diamond level sponsor. We are grateful for his continued contributions to our project and to undergraduate education and research at Stanford.


Sinton-Instruments-logo-600w-300dpi-CMYKSinton Instruments is a new sponsor this year, providing us with resources at the Platinum level that will greatly assist in our array manufacturing process. As one of the few teams to historically build the array in-house, we believe Sinton Instruments sees value in the educational and research component our project provides for our team members.

spacexSpaceX will be continuing their support as a Gold sponsor this cycle. SpaceX takes interest in the unique recruiting pool that the SSCP offers through the project-based skills our members learn.


HarryElamHeadshotVice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Harry Elam, has renewed his Gold level sponsorship for the new cycle. We are excited to have his support!


Linear Technology haLinear techs been a long-time SSCP sponsor. We are happy to welcome them back as a Silver level sponsor. In addition to monetary support, Linear Technology supplies our Electrical team with many integrated circuits that play important roles in our car.


sabalcoreSabalcore renewed their support at the Silver level. They provide cloud supercomputing resources to handle the complex modeling and simulation tasks required for aero-body iterations as well as structural tests. They turn what would take days for our workstation to complete into a few hours.



CD-Adapco will be joining us this year as a Platinum level sponsor. They have been generous enough provide us with STAR-CCM+ industry software that streamlines many aerodynamic modeling processes such as CFD and Visualization.


Pointwise has renewed their support of our project, providing us with additional licenses to accommodate our team’s growth. They are also a Platinum level sponsor, providing us with robust mesh generation software.


Siemens is coming on board this cycle as a Platinum level sponsor. We look forward to using their NX platform for CAD modeling, as well as their Fibersim solution to improve our composites process.


We want to say thanks again to all of our sponsors for all that they make possible. We have many new and exciting developments in the near future as well and we look forward to welcoming many more sponsors into our family soon.

It is also never too late to support our project. Send us an email at contactsolarcar@lists.stanford.edu if you are interested in becoming a sponsor and we will get back to you shortly! You can also find more information on our sponsor info page as well as a brochure here.

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