Thanks to the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy!

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Stanford Solar Car would like to thank the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy for their additional contribution to our project, and specifically welcome them into our Gold Sponsor Tier.

The Precourt Institute for Energy is committed to pursuing a transition to a sustainable and affordable energy future, as well as foster excitement for new renewable technologies. We believe that our project goals align with their mission to educate the next generation about the potential of solar energy.
Much of their research overlaps with the energy concerns that we, at the Stanford Solar Car project, wrestle with every cycle. Questions of how to use energy in the most efficient manner, how to utilize new and improved methods of storing renewables, and how to best select materials are all relevant both to Stanford Solar Car and the future of global energy consumption. In addition, the ever-changing role of the automobile extends the current limits of technology while interacting with society in a unique way. We are happy to be at the forefront of innovation in this realm of technology, alongside the Precourt Institute. We are excited for future collaborations, and to see what new innovations lie ahead!

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