Testing Sundae

Our team motto is “Test it again”, and we’ve certainly been trying to do that!

For Sundae we decided to shift our test schedule so race crew training, strategy model validation, and other testing are biased towards Australia. Nothing prepares you for driving through the Outback in a race like driving through the Outback! But that doesn’t mean we eliminated testing in California entirely.

Crow's Landing Airfield

The past few weeks have had numerous airfield, in parking lots, and in suburbia, plus several days of high-speed testing on public roads in the Central Valley. It’s a rather good stand in for the Outback, with high temperatures, lots of sun, and very little traffic besides semi trucks, but there are far more intersections and the farms are probably a hundred times smaller than South Australian cattle stations.


On one of our Central Valley drives, a skinny little kitten adopted the team. He’s now been safely re-homed in Silicon Valley.


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