Meet the 2019 SSCP Race Team!

Meet the 2019 SSCP Race Team!

SSCP has arrived in Australia and is preparing for the culmination of over a year of hard work: the 2019 World Solar Challenge. Our talented race team, consisting of 22 mechanical, electrical, strategy, and aerodynamics engineers will make sure that Black Mamba will be at her best for this race across the Outback. Let’s meet the 2019 race team!


Cori Brendel

Team Lead & Array Lead

Cori is a senior in Materials Science & Engineering. She competed with the team in WSC 2017 and returned this cycle as the Team Manager and Lead Array Engineer. Her favorite aspect of her solar car experience has been teaching other students about solar cells and tackling the challenge of vehicle-level systems integration.

Sarah Spaugh

Chief Engineer & Race Captain

Sarah is a senior MechE + EE coterm who initially joined solar car to work on composites before getting lost deep in the woods of system design and race strategy. Around the shop you can find her lurking in/around the CNC or promoting her “aggressive coffee drinker” aesthetic; she also colors herself a casual runner, Formula 1 fan, and creator of terrible Spotify playlists.

Maggie Ford

Engineering Director

Maggie is a first year masters student in electrical engineering and the engineering director for Black Mamba. She’s worked on systems all across the car, from aero and electrical to code and array. Outside of solar car, Maggie is a teaching assistant for several EE courses at Stanford, and enjoys sketching, swimming and hair dye.

Kenyon Donald

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Kenyon joined solar car at the beginning of his sophomore year. Working with carbon fiber, overseeing the brake systems, and seeing Sundae through a whole manufacturing cycle was the first time Kenyon had built anything beyond LEGO kits. This cycle, as mechanical lead, Kenyon designed the suspension and steering systems, managed composites work, and strove to make SSCP a fun and inviting place for people from all backgrounds.

Sarah Woodard

Electrical Engineering Lead

Sarah is a first year coterm in electrical engineering. Her role on the team is the electrical lead and BMS engineer. Outside of solar car she enjoys playing saxophone with her jazz combo (which is titled “Goose Man and the Rage guys.”)

Temidayo Dairo

Battery Lead

Temidayo is a class of 2020 Mechanical Engineering student who enjoys skiing and playing golf. He joined the team early his freshman year and quickly became interested in energy storage. After much hard work, he is looking forward to the 2019 race in Australia which is right around the corner!

Peter Hansel

Financial Lead

Peter is a rising Junior studying computer science and math. On the Solar Car team, he manages finances, sponsorships, and team logistics. He joined Solar Car right away in his first year and has loved being part of the project ever since!

Ricardo Iglesias

Code Lead

Ricardo is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering student.
He leads the code team, where he works on embedded microprocessors and is in charge of organizing the telemetry of the car. He heard about this team and joined to see how the different fields of engineering would come together to build a solar car. He is incredibly excited to race on the 2019 World Solar Challenge along with the rest of the Stanford Team.

Cameron Haynesworth

Mechanical Team

Cameron is a third-year student hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. Being passionate in energy and mechanical design since high school, he joined SSCP at the beginning of his sophomore year, and has since brought his love for photography to the team as the team photographer.  He also enjoys saltwater aquariums, golf, and music.

Courtney Wenzel

Battery/Mechanical Team

Courtney is a second year Master’s student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in design methodology.  She is originally from Milwaukee, WI, where she got her bachelor’s degree in ME and was a member of her school’s SAE Formula Hybrid team.  Courtney has worked on both the battery and mechanical sub-teams and has also done a lot of work on securing our race crew gear sponsorships.  In her free time, she enjoys 3D printing, attending Stanford sporting events, and fan-packing.

Drake Merians

Mechanical Team

Drake is a senior studying mechanical engineering from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As a member of the Mech Team, he has worked primarily on the brakes and steering wheel.  In his free time, Drake plays for the Stanford Men’s Rugby Team and enjoys hiking, hot sauce, and just hangin’.

Erik Roise

Mechanical Team

Erik is rising junior studying mechanical engineering and music performance. This cycle, he was responsible for designing and building the composites oven, as well as many of the aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber components throughout the car. Outside of SSCP, he is also a dedicated classical cellist and has been a member of 8 campus ensembles.

Jasmine Sumpter

Aero/Mechanical Team

Jasmine is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering & Japanese, and is an athlete on the women’s lightweight rowing team. She worked this cycle as a member of the aero & mechanical teams, and looks forward to driving the car during WSC. When not working on SSCP, she enjoys learning about airplanes, eating udon, and cooking for her younger siblings.

Jean-Marc Nugent

Battery/Mechanical Team

Jean-Marc is a coterminal masters student studying mechanical engineering with a focus in energy systems. Since joining SSCP in early 2018, he has worked primarily with the battery and mechanical teams. In his free time, Jean-Marc enjoys swimming and spending time with his friends.

Julia Gordon

Aero Team

Julia is a third year undergrad studying English and originally hailing from Orange County, California. As part of SSCP, she has worked on the aerodynamics team and appointed herself as social chair. She is also interested in renewable energy, public policy, and education.

Julianne Dones

Battery/Mechanical Team

Julianne is a coterminal masters student in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on Energy Systems. On SSCP, she’s a member of the battery and mechanical teams, and she is passionate about the intersection of electrical and mechanical engineering and the transition to greener, more sustainable technologies. On her free time she enjoys dancing, making art, and outdoor adventures.

Kayla Severson

Array Team

Kayla is a second year undergrad student studying computer science and english. Around the shop, you can find her wiring or testing our car’s array, and in her free time, she loves writing poetry and prose. She is currently working on her second novel.

Maisam Pyarali

Electrical/Code Team

Maisam was born and raised in beautiful Tanzania. He is a third year student studying Electrical Engineering and is working with the Electrical and Embedded Code team this cycle. Outside of Solar Car he likes to teach and is the TA for the Introductory Electrical engineering class at Stanford. He also enjoys playing football (the actual one) and skydiving.

Megan Hyatt

Array Team

Megan is a second year student studying materials science and engineering. She is involved with array installation and wiring on the team. Outside of SSCP, she enjoys playing in the Stanford band and running.

Samantha Kim

Code/Aero Team

Sam is a third year student studying Computer Science. She’s been involved with the aerodynamics, mechanical, code, and strategy teams. In her free time, Sam enjoys leading outdoor trips, rock climbing, ceramics, and playing music.

Suhas Sastry

Mechanical Team

Suhas is a mechanical engineering student from Virginia, who works on SSCP’s mechanical subteam this cycle. In his free time, he enjoys playing the viola and the guitar, and loves to attend heavy metal shows whenever he can.

Tina Li

Mechanical/Code Team

Tina is a senior studying computer science and electrical engineering. She’s involved in the mechanical team for suspension design and the steered fairing system as well as the code team for telemetry. She’s also one of the drivers for Black Mamba!

Stay tuned to see this race team race Black Mamba 3000km across Australia!

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    Elizabeth Bradley
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    Such a great team! And glad to see that you are “embracing” the Aussie experience – koalas are sooo cute! Good luck getting Black Mamba ready for the road!

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