Safer, Faster & Lighter: Stanford Solar Car Announces New Race Car!

For Immediate Release                                    CONTACT: Ben Gao, Team Lead

2022-2023 Stanford Solar Car Project Race Vehicle Announcement

STANFORD, CA., 3 May 2022 — The Stanford Solar Car Project has publicly announced the release of their new 2022-2023 race vehicle, Azimuth. The new race vehicle—the culmination of nearly two years of dedicated structural design, safety, & aerodynamics optimization work—is expected to be completed and formally unveiled in late 2022. 

Accompanying notable weight, aerodynamic, and general performance improvements are numerous significant safety innovations. Enabled by the invaluable support of Stanford Solar Car Project’s sponsors and alumni in industry, Azimuth features a truly unique rollcage developed using generative design and a new battery management system—one of the safest, most versatile, and advanced systems the team has created. 

The Solar Car team is currently in the final stages of the battery pack assembly and solar array installation, with only electronics integration to complete before testing. 



The Stanford Solar Car Project is a non-profit engineering organization at Stanford University that designs, builds, and races advanced solar-powered vehicles across counties, countries, and continents.

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