Racing With Us

A project of this scale would not be possible without the generous contributions of our fans and sponsors. Your support will not only help us build lighter, sleeker, and faster cars, but also provide a platform for the next generation of engineers to develop their skills. Additionally, our impact goes beyond the World Solar Challenge in Australia; we regularly host workshops that engage local schools and communities in embracing green energy and education. We believe that our work is as inspiring for these communities as it is technologically innovative.
We offer a variety of different donation options, and for contributions above $500 we offer a name and hyperlink under the “Fans” section of our sponsors page (reach out to us at after donating). For those who would like to play a larger role and have your brand be visible on our car and trailer, find out more about the sponsorship opportunities we have!
Racing with us means helping us to build a solar car and so much more. We are grateful that you are considering a donation and we hope that you see the value in our objective!
Donation Options
Online donations can be made via Stanford’s Giving Portal: This is the fastest and often most convenient way to make a donation and works for any donation amount. Here are simple instructions for making such a gift from your computer:
Credit Card 

    1. A 2.3% credit card processing fee is deducted from the overall contribution
    2. Go to  Stanford Giving credit card form
    3. Select – I want to support: Centers, Institutes and more
    4. Select – Other Designation
    5. Special instructions/Other designation: VSO – Stanford Solar Car Project (ASSU#7848) to ensure accurate handling.
    6. Continue filling out the form by creating an account or continuing as a guest
    7. Please notify Stanford’s Office of Development at and provide the following information:
      1. Date of credit card transaction
      2. Dollar amount
      3. Name of donor company
      4. Credit card holder’s full name
      5. Recipient: Stanford Solar Car Project (very important!)
      6. Cc:

By Mailed Check
For mailed checks:


    1. Checks must be issued by a corporation, NOT by an individual. Stanford cannot provide companies a tax letter for a donation made by an individual or on a personal check. 
    2. Must be payable to “Stanford University”. Stanford Solar Car Project ASSU # 7848 must be noted somewhere either on the check or with accompanying documentation.
    3. Mail to:


Office of Student Engagement

P.O. Box 18900 

Stanford CA 94309

Other Options

By Phone

You can call the Stanford Office of Development to make a gift or pledge payment by credit card at (866) 543-0243 or (650) 724-0627.
Call (650) 926-0244 to make a securities gift.

Wire Transfer

Please email us at if you are interested in donating via a wire transfer.

Thanks From The Crew

Thanks From The Crew

Every Bit Helps!
**Please note that donations can take up to 3 weeks for Stanford University to process and distribute to SSCP**