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Being a Sponsor

The Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP) is a unique promotional opportunity, providing a fusion of both education and exposure opportunities to a prospective sponsor. The team actively promotes clean energy awareness and education, essential pursuits in striving towards a cleaner future. Furthermore, SSCP is a solar endurance racing organization of the highest caliber, and is widely respected as such by many teams, universities, and companies world-wide. It is rare that an endeavor can unite these aspects of education and achievement in one environmentally responsible mission, but SSCP does just that. The public and media recognize this, and SSCP’s vehicle turns heads everywhere it goes.

Our team aims also to educate the next generation of young, environmentally-minded engineers and business leaders about to enter the workforce. Former members take the skills they develop working on the project to lend their passion to some of the most exciting projects underway today. In supporting the team, companies can begin to build their name and forge relationships with some of the future leaders of the technical world.




We tailor benefits to fit the interests of our sponsors so please reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for in a partnership. Additionally, we have a dedicated business team that is committed to building substantial relationships with our partners. Some of our benefits and plans for this cycle include:

  • Logo on the Solar Car, team uniforms, and team trailer *
  • Opportunities for collaboration with the world’s leading research university
  • Access to an amazing recruiting pool of Stanford students
    • Our plan is to host 1 or 2 career fairs open to only SSCP sponsors of a certain level *
    • A resume book of SSCP members
  • Opportunity to attend workshops at our facility to interact with our engineers *
  • Access to major unveiling events
  • Availability of the Solar Car for corporate events *
  • National and International Exposure
  • Tax-deductible contributions
  • Best of all, you are helping to develop the next generation of engineers

* dependent on sponsorship level


Supporting Our Team

With a project of this size and of international proportions, SSCP is looking for significant support. This involves both monetary contributions and in-kind donations, covering everything from construction materials to airplane tickets to race supplies.

Sponsors are what make our adventure possible. Each year we try and get back in touch with our old sponsors and try to make contact with some new ones. They provide the supplies, services, and cash that let us build a car from scratch.

Without our sponsors there would be no Stanford Solar Car Project, and for their support we are infinitely grateful. We’ve been lucky enough to get to know many great people interested in furthering a great cause. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the years!

If you have any questions about a sponsorship, please contact us! and one of our Team Members will be able to assist you!

To make an immediate donation visit our donation page.