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 Articles about Arctan: click the links to read more

“The educational value of such an all-encompassing project is profound, and the students I spoke with did not hesitate to explain that they’ve learned more from Solar Car than from any class. Many students join as freshmen with no engineering experience and emerge two years later as experts in their respective fields.”
“That is what makes this project so insanely difficult and such a great engineering exercise. We’re allowed so little energy that we have to make the most of it.”
Read more about the unveiling of Arctan
Stanford solar car gears up to compete “This car is built like no other car you’ve ever seen. It uses the power of a hairdryer to move at 55 miles per hour.”


 Articles about Xenith: click the links to read more

Here is a fun article from Gizmodo.
 “Xenith’s 26 glass solar panels have brought multiple industrial prototype technologies together to make one of the most efficient arrays the world has ever seen.”
Check us out on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
Watch our live interview from thursday morning.
Stanford solar car on display before big race “A team of Stanford students is racing to finish what could be the next new thing in automotive technology.”
Xenith runs on the most efficient motor in our history, says mechanical team leader Paul Karplus, a mechanical engineering major. The new motor, which boasts an unprecedented 98 percent efficiency, was designed and built specifically for the solar car.
“It’s like Real World Silicon Valley meets the the Mighty Ducks: 15 or so Stanford computer science, economics and engineering undergrads living together in one big house. They work summer jobs during the day and gather at night to labor over a project that they hope will bring them glory.”
“Last week there was a lot of buzz about Stanford Solar Car Project’s newly unveiled Xenith car…”
Click the link to read a great article featuring Ian and our project.
“The team members believe their panels may break a world record for silicon solar panel efficiency, giving their car the economic equivalent of 1,250 mpg at today’s energy prices.”
“It’s not easy developing a competitive solar-powered car, but the young men and women at Stanford aren’t letting that little obstacle stand in their way.”
Solar Powered Race Car Ready for Australia “Xenith is a three-wheeled technical marvel powered exclusively by silicon solar panels fixed to the top of the car.”
“Even though competition is high as the race is only held every two years, Stanford students believe that Xenith has a chance to win.”
Great photos and a short description of our project
A “three minute interview” with the team’s financial manager
“If the school’s $500,000 car is made of the right stuff, it will cross the finish line ahead of 30 teams at this fall’s grueling World Solar Challenge, the international Super Bowl of solar car racing across a bright, flat, empty and hot Australian outback.”
DC was on the radio this morning. Check out the recording.
  Hey we were on CBS during our unveiling night. Hopefully you were able to watch it.
  We were also on ABC on thursday night.
  “Call it the ultimate in clean cars. But with a cost of roughly $500,000, this one might be reserved for only the die-hardiest of die-hards.”
It was a nice front page spread, but you’ll have to find a hard copy to read it.
“Now it resembles a sleek spacecraft. Street legal and already road-tested on Bay Area and Central Valley freeways…”

Old Articles

A description of how SSCP Alumni went on to develop the Tesla Roadster here.