Kelsey Josund – Team Lead
Kelsey is a master’s student in Computer Science who has been part of the team for three years. During the Arctan cycle, she worked on the telemetry system and wrote some of the embedded code while also managing the budget as Financial Officer. She was on a research stipend to do solar car full time in summer 2015 and then went to Australia for WSC. Outside of solar car, you can find her traveling at every opportunity, running no matter the weather, and reading National Geographic.

Max Drach – Engineering Lead
Max’s Solar Car adventures began his freshman year, during a late-spring Central Valley test drive.  As the convoy flew past vineyards and groves of almond trees, senior members told epic tales that conveyed the passion and grit required to build a solar car.  He was hooked.  During the Arctan cycle, Max took on a variety of projects, including writing embedded code for the Battery Management System.  This cycle, he will help the team improve each sub-system of the car in order to build its best car yet.  When he is not working on the solar car, he likes to discuss the meaning of life, the universe, and everything – in Chinese – in order to improve his foreign language skills.
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Gawan Fiore – Strategy Lead
Gawan joined Solar Car his sophomore year, having no idea what he was getting himself into. As a Computer Science major he worked on both the Code and Business teams, leading the Telemetry project, writing embedded code for Arctan, and interfacing with sponsors. He spent the summer and fall before his senior year chasing the solar car across the Central Valley and the Australian Outback as the team tested and raced Arctan in the World Solar Challenge. 2 years, 8000 miles, and 1 car later he’s ready to do it all over again, this time as the “data guy” (aka Strategy Lead). Outside the shop you can find him cycling, cooking, photographing nature, and hunting down mineral specimens.
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John Stayner – Array Lead
John is a recent graduate in Engineering Physics. He came into college knowing he wanted to work on renewable energy, and found the solar car team at the start of the Arctan cycle. He first got really bitten by the solar car bug when he was given the responsibility of testing materials to see which ones would be used to encapsulate the car’s solar cells, and hasn’t looked back since.

Kate Pregler – Electrical Lead
Kate is a rising senior in electrical engineering who joined the team early in her Stanford career. While at Stanford she’s also enjoyed staffing in a dorm, and on the team she’s been very involved with the electrical system two cycles in a row. She’ll be a driver in this fall’s WSC.

Rachel Midori Abril – Aero Lead and Suspension Engineer
Rachel is a coterm in Mechanical Engineering. Rachel joined the Luminos mechanical team as a sophomore, and gave the TEDx talk following Luminos’ success. For the most recent Arctan cycle, she specialized in meshing for the aerodynamics team, did mechanical design for the car, and was also a driver. For this next cycle, Rachel is one of the Aerodynamics Leads and hopes to get even more involved in mechanical design. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys recreational horseback riding, yoga, creative writing, and dreaming about classic cars.

Ashe Magalhaes – Aero Team & Telemetry Engineer
Ashe is a student in the Computer Science Department with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. She is particularly interested in the intersection of AI and Cybersecurity, and has recently completed her undergraduate thesis on promoting US-Russia Cooperation in Cyberspace. She’ll be a driver in this fall’s WSC.

Yuji Sugimoto – Electrical Team Member
Yuji is a Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and took on his first project designing the aerobody of the car. After much coffee and Chipotle, he is now free from the world of CADing and has joined the wonderful land of electrical engineering. When not working on the car or dying with psets, he can be found exploring his natural habitat, the great outdoors.

Hayden Hall – Mechanical Lead
Hayden is a rising senior in Mechanical Engineering. Hayden joined his freshman year and played a major role in manufacturing Arctan. In addition to leading the bodywork needed for aerodynamic realization, Hayden helped with composite layups, chassis construction, and assembly and modification of mechanical systems. After seeing Arctan to its completion and accumulating thousands of test miles, Hayden joined the WSC race crew in Australia. When he’s not focused on solar car, Hayden enjoys wildlife, automotive, and travel photography.
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Roman Decca – Business Lead & Chief Financial Officer
Roman is a student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department with a focus on Renewable Energy Engineering. He is particularly interested in the intersection of climate change, engineering, and entrepreneurship, including the commercialization of emerging renewable energy technologies. As the Business Lead, he handles sponsorships, branding, public outreach, and engineering supply chain. In his spare time, you’ll find him hiking, attending clean tech events, and going on road trips across California.
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Michael Chen –  Battery Engineer
Mike is a rising senior from New Jersey studying Mechanical Engineering. His Solar Car adventures began during dead week of his Freshman Spring, when, fed up by problem sets drilling seemingly esoteric topics, he biked over to VAIL and checked out what the team was working on. He discovered what he had been looking for all along – a hands-on, student-run project that combined his interests in engineering, automobiles, and renewable energy. Returning for the 2016-2017 cycle as the Battery Lead, Mike has thoroughly caught the bug. When he’s not thinking about batteries, energy, and the preservation of our blue planet, he can be found making a mean Quesadilla despite a very likely lactose intolerance.

Gillian Micale – Array Team
Gillian is a rising senior at Stanford who “won the lottery” as a transfer student and joined the team immediately upon arriving on campus. This cycle, she helped with array test design and manufacture and will be a driver and the first aid officer on the race.
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Gregorio Lopes – Battery Management System Engineer
Greg is a rising senior studying electrical engineering. He first wandered into the solar car shop as a freshman who didn’t have any idea what he wanted to major in, or in other words, he wanted to major in everything. After contributing to a number of different sub teams, he found that electrical engineering fascinated him most, precisely because of how mysterious it was to him, and is now designing the battery management system for our car’s 5kW-hr battery pack. Outside of the shop, you can find him either sight reading chamber music with friends or doing something active outside.

Auden Ehringer – Battery Team & Driver
Auden is a rising senior majoring in both electrical engineering and computer science. She’s spent her time on the team so far assisting with battery construction and testing and will be one of our drivers during WSC. When not at the shop, she brews her own kombucha.