Recent Alumni


The Stanford Solar Car Project would like to recognize recent alumni who contributed greatly to the team, through leadership positions or membership, during their respective race cycles.


Kelsey Josund joined the team during Arctan cycle and was team lead during Sundae cycle while completing her Master’s degree in Computer Science. She raced in WSC in both 2015 and 2017 and enjoys travel, running and reading National Geographic. Kelsey now works at Pilot AI.



Max Drach was Sundae’s engineering director and wrote embedded code for the battery management system during Arctan cycle. He raced both in 2015 and 2017. Max is now living and working in San Francisco; in his free time he likes to discuss life, the universe, and everything – in Chinese – to develop his foreign language skills. 



John Stayner, Array team lead during Sundae cycle, has graduated with a degree in Engineering Physics and gone on to work at SpaceX, with the intention to return one day and complete a master’s degree. He led the push to create Sundae’s custom array encapsulation and always kept the team well supplied with gummy bears and Domino’s pizza.



Kate Pregler, Sundae electrical team lead and race driver, graduated recently and has gone on to work at Apple. She’s famous in team lore for bringing anything and everything into the car during driving shifts, from Kapton tape to sandwiches.



Rachel Abril was the aero lead, suspension designer, and a driver for Sundae. She graduated with her master’s in mechanical engineering prior to WSC 2017 and now works on vehicle dynamics at Byton. In her free time she enjoys creative writing, Zumba, and daydreaming about classic cars.



Hayden Hall led the mechanical design and build of Sundae while getting his mechanical engineering degree. He now works on chassis design at Byton and lives in San Jose, where he spends his time working on cars and occasionally engaging in a bit of lawn maintenance. 



Gawan Fiore led Sundae’s race strategy efforts and contributed significantly to the build effort prior to WSC 2017. He’s currently finishing up his master’s in Computer Science and enjoys photography and cooking in his spare time.




Mike Chen designed Sundae’s battery pack and raced with the team in WSC 2017. He graduated in 2018 and moved to San Francisco to pursue bigger and better things in the world of batteries, working as an engineer at Sila Nanotech after a stint with Tesla. 



annat2Anna Tskhovrebov joined during the Arctan cycle on the mechanical team. Her first project was building a wooden box to model Arctan’s driver compartment, and she ended up spending 50+ hours and half of World Solar Challenge 2015 in the real-life version of that box. She’s thankful for everything engineering that SSCP taught her.





annaAnna Olson got hooked by the idea of “driving a solar car across the Outback!” and joined the Luminos cycle’s mechanical team as a freshman. She was a Mechanical Lead and driver for the Arctan cycle, and contributed to the aero design of our 2016-2017 car.




Sam D'Amico and Xenith

Sam D’Amico is a hardware engineer at Oculus VR. He was formerly a hardware engineer on Google Glass, and was embedded code lead for the 2011 race cycle.



Ian Girard

Ian Girard first joined the team for a year as freshman and sophomore at the start of the ’09 car. He rejoined the team and went to Australia for the 2011 car and was co-mechanical team lead for 2013. He was a driver for the 2013 World Solar Challenge. He now works for Tesla Motors doing battery pack design.



Toby Sachs-Quintana earned his Ph.D. from the McGehee lab at Stanford University studying the degradation of organic solar cells. After his Ph.D. he will go onto work for the company that he co-founded with a colleague. The company, NexTint is fully funded and produces tint-on-demand window films that allow people to instantly control the amount of light and heat entering their homes or cars. Toby was the array team lead for the 2013 race cycle.



Guillermo Gomez recently graduated with his master’s degree in MS&E. He was team lead for the 2014-15 cycle after working on mostly mechanical projects and business for the 2013 cycle.



Darren Chen served as Engineering Lead for the 2014-15 cycle and went to Australia for WSC as part of the team in both 2013 and 2015. 


Max Praglin has graduated his coterm in Electrical Engineering after completing an undergraduate degree in Aero/Astro Engineering. He was involved with the team from Xenith through Luminos, where he was responsible for the electrical side of the battery management system and served as a strategist for WSC 2013.  Max now works at Tesla.


Eric Thong earned his BS in Computer Science. Eric’s code was responsible for running many of the boards on Luminos, ranging from driver controls to MPPT interfacing. He was code lead for Arctan and went to WSC in both 2013 and 2015. He enjoys drinking blackcurrant juice and hanging in hammocks. Preferably at the same time.


Jamie Goldfield carrying team bags to set up camp. Photo Credits Hayden Hall

Jamie Goldfield majored in Mechanical Engineering; his adventures with solar car began with joining the Luminos mechanical team and grew to include tire seating, composites, and befriending other solar car teams in middle of the Outback. After leading Arctan’s composites design and race crew, he’s moved on to working with composites at SpaceX.



Matthew Matera studied Mechanical Engineering while at Stanford.  As a freshman, Matthew joined the Array Team, helping to construct the Luminos solar array before becoming the Array Team Lead for Arctan



Aravind Arun joined the mechanical team at the beginning of the Luminos cycle, and worked on a variety of design projects through Arctan’s completion. He joined the team in Australia for WSC 2015.