We are entirely student run and all of our members volunteer their own free time. We do
not have an application, selection or voting process. Any Stanford student can join us, and we excitedly welcome new members! Most members are undergraduates, but grad students sometimes join as well.

During the school year our team has about 30 members who work on the car on a regular basis. Many more come infrequently. For manpower-heavy events like constructing the car body, every hand is a big help.

While the team is largely made up of engineers, we welcome all majors. Stanford teaches theory of economics, engineering, and management but rarely puts any of these things into practice as part of the curriculum; we build real cars on real schedules with real money and learn all of the skills necessary to do that on the job. Our project is entirely student-run, so we need members who can execute every aspect of being a successful race team. Even if you don’t have experience in these fields, if you’re interested and dedicated, you will learn all you need to know by joining our team.

Here are a few of the sub-teams and projects:


  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Business and Finance
  • Composite Structures
  • Driver Control and Telemetry Code
  • Electrical Design
  • Logistics and Component Sourcing
  • Mechanical Design
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Motor Design
  • Race Strategy and Race Crew
  • Solar Panel Encapsulation
  • Sponsorship Coordination
  • Webmaster

If you’re interested in joining, keep in mind that you get out of it what you put in, and if you don’t want to put in the hours you’ll likely not see why we love it so much. There’s a minimum commitment to start reaping the benefits, but once you reach that point, nothing is more rewarding. To get started, come to our regular meetings and take up a project that interests you. Try to get it done within a couple of weeks and see how you enjoyed the experience. If you didn’t have trouble finding time to get it done, and you felt a lot of satisfaction in doing a good job, then SSCP is absolutely for you.

We need people who can design, build, test, and race a solar car, including people to raise money and coordinate a massive logistical task like this to make sure the project is well funded and on schedule.

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